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Yeah, it's an awesome and bizarre game.

Hook, line, and sinker.

Well done on the movement animations and the characters, especially Tifa's expressions; unfortunately can't see 2B's very clearly due to her blindfold, but I'm sure not having to animate the eyes of a second actor helps. However, there are 2 downsides.

First, the double dildo, it heavily lacks animation making it seem like it wouldn't give as much enjoyment as the actors are implying with all the moaning, especially with the actors' positions.

Secondly, the positions. The positions of the actors isn't close enough to warrant the thrusting 2B is making as she appears to be in a doggystyle when her hips should be lower to match Tifa, who appears to be in missionary. Both of the actors positions indicate there should be 2 more actors in this scene, one fucking 2B in doggystyle, and the other fucking Tifa lying back (to make the current position between them work). Otherwise as a lesbian scene, it's a bit far-fetched.
Bring 2B's hips lower, arch her back upward a bit, widen her legs, and make it so her pussy is almost against Tifa's, then add the dildo between them and a nice hip-forward thrust/grind motion.

Critique aside, nicely done.

As Zidane would say: "What a sexy, husky voice!"

Well, I mean...if Tifa, Aerith, Jessie, or the other "good girls" aren't an option, I'm curious about the alternate darkside route of FF7 Remake.


Very nice. Well done.

One thing that definitely makes your animations stand out among a lot of animators is that for how short they are, you put a lot into making the characters look alive with the different movements. Too often I see animations that are 30 seconds to a minute and it's nothing but 1 loop. Nicely done.

Heh, was expecting Ruby to kiss Weiss. Nicely done.

What can we say? Everyone wanted to make her their waifu.
Nicely done.

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