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Nothing like appreciating that body.

Fucking hell! Haydee/Oolay talk dirty to us some more!

I agree with ArchonKain, DVa's thrusting seems "snappy" almost like stop motion, but we can tell it's not, however it gives off that vibe. The animation from her final thrust onward is fine, though.

Such a tease.

"Visiting Aunt Cass makes everything better." Wonderfully done.

Nicely done, though I have to admit the characters felt a bit too cramped at times and since the camera was so focused in one direction at a set distance, more often then not the actors would be too far to the left, right, or completely cut-off making certain positions and scenes questionable.

I like the idea of trying to play the scenes around the music, but it seems a bit too experimental with this video as a lot of times the beat and drops would play then it would be a second delay before the scene follows the flow, resulting in artificial lag. A bit too much preview flashing for the first half, which I think also took away from some of the enjoyment, because again while it was meant to entice what scene was coming up next, the delivery was delayed when trying to follow the music.

Nice video, but I'd rank this as one of the worst videos compared to even older Zer0 projects.

5 Stars for everything. 6 Stars for the Real Haydee coming in at the end LOL

The S-Virus movies are easily some of the best. This is great. Wonderfully done.

Quite pleasing looking technique. Nicely done.

Really like the movements in this animation and the intimate playfulness. Nicely done.

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